Compassion Offspring

Born in 1989 to the best parents. Who came from two completely different worlds. My dad comes from a family of high end restaurateurs from Europe and grew up in Newport Beach. My mom was raised by her aunts in Topeka Kansas. My dad had a horse and would go to summer camp in Vienna. My mom had a bike and would spend summers being the only child on a farm. However after spending one minute with them you'll realize what brought them together was their unwavering love of people.

The Storyteller

I feel in love with storytelling in 4th grade. When one night my mom ended a bedtime story abruptly. Disappointed in the swift end I sat up in the bed and said "No, it should go like this" and I told her a simplified version of a hero's journey with foreshadowing, a climax, and conclusion. That imagination has stayed with me since and helps solve digital marking problems through telling stories.

The Dsylexic

School was at first very difficult for me and I spent much of my time perfecting my drawing ability. Then once I was diagnosed it all made since and I had a new found energy. Knowing my brain had to work five times harder than my classmates made every B I got feel like an A. As an adult I realized this nonlinear way of thinking has giving me a advantage at problem solving. I'm able to dissect a problem and look at all the variables individually and arrange them to form a conclusion that makes the most sense. Similar to what I do every time I read. 

Understanding Demographics

My dad invested his inheritance taking the family around the world and when we ran out of that. We just started taking in multiple foreign exchange students at a time. The conversations at family dinners has given me a deep understanding of all sorts of demographics. How one culture might think something is extremely odd and anther find it completely rational

Discovering a Dormant Passion

I grew up with the best family in the world but that does not mean we didn't have drama. When it happens I escaped into the movies and sometimes they even helped me come to terms with whatever situation I was in. So naturally, I came to LA to be a screenwriter to help people overcome their problems. Out here I found very little difference between how movies are made and products and services are sold.