I’d rather apologize than to be so timid as to never try to do anything smart or brave. – Lee Clow

-Lee Clow

Company Values

Slogan Origin

"They're not consumers, they're people" comes from our uncomfortably with a lot of marketing terminology. Such as "targets" "re targeting" and "consumer" all impersonal and neglect costumers as real people having feeling and emotions. Even though it's those emotions that drive them to businesses.


Ntouch believes in going above and beyond what the client expects. Believing in the people that run the business fuels both understanding and creative motivation of the business. This can only be achieved by working with businesses that we feel a strong connection to. That operate under similar values as the company slogan. However with that said we work with businesses meant for all walks of life. Believing in the people that run the business fuels our motivation

Full Transparency Promise

Ntouch believes service businesses should operate under complete transparency. This encourages competition which insures new ideas in making the business better and in turn benefits the costumer. It is for this reason we operate under full transparency. We disclose our marketing funnel for other young entrepreneurs and up date our social media regularly. Our clients our given a detailed receipt and a daily update of the progress of their campaign.

No Contracts Philosophy

Ntouch believes contracts are fundamentally an aggressive act. They are used when one party is knowingly taking advantage of another and it is to prevent retaliation or when one party does not trust the other and believes they will them harm. Our customers are our friends and we like not to start friendships with aggression.